Welcome to Cobh

We wish to assure you that we have no dispute with cruise passengers and we warmly welcome you to Cobh and Cork Harbour. Cobh has always been a tourist friendly town and we hope you will enjoy your stay here.

We are protesting here today, not against the passengers on your ship but against the port authority, the Port of Cork company. Right beside your ship is an old walking route which has been enjoyed by Cobh people and visitors for almost 150 years.  Recently, the Port of Cork company began to block walkers from entering this area and enjoying this beautiful walk. They claim that this is about safety however we do not accept this.  We are deeply worried that they want to permanently close this traditional walking route.  We are not prepared to allow them to do that and this is why we are protesting on the quay today and will continue to protest here as long as they insist on blocking the walking route. 

Thank you for hearing our story.  Enjoy your stay and the rest of your cruise.

We wish you an enjoyable and safe journey home.