Ask the Candidates

Squeaky bum time is approaching as Local elections will occur on Friday, June 7 – 2024,. So far 12 declared candidates are running. We have reached out to each candidate either by social media or via email over the past 2 weeks.. Just 3 candidates have taken the trouble to reply, on whether or not to the following.

Cobh & Harbour Chamber

We mounted a demonstration outside the Cobh Heritage Centre at 8.15 am, while Cobh & Harbour Chamber was hosting a breakfast meeting inside, sponsored by the Port of Cork Company.

The very same company is sponsoring and proceeding with a court case to permanently remove the community’s traditional Right of Way and be able to walk freely on The Deepwater Quay/Five Foot Way as they have done for generations.

Should Local Business Support the Local Community?

Attending the recent ‘Breakfast Briefing’ of the Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce, people from the Save’s Cobh’s Right of Way group asked a simple question:

Do you know there is BULLYING on Deepwater Quay by Port of Cork Company?

Gardaí Out in Force

Gardaí Out in Force to Protect Corporate Interests Those defending the public Right of Way on Deepwater Quay were threatened with arrest this morning – there was never a question of arresting those who have bullied the local COMMUNITY for the last few years. The ‘Disney Dream’ Cruise Liner came into Cobh and received specialist […]


Busses were disrupted during the dispute with Port of Cork Company today.

Bullying and intimidation have been used repeatedly and the right to use the public amenity is dismissed as second to the interest of MONEY making by Port of Cork Company.