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Port of Cork Company have applied to the Courts for a DECLARATION that there is NO public Right of Way on Deepwater Quay / the Five Foot Way in Cobh, they want to privatise it.

We need to protect what is, and has been, a public amenity for nearly 200 years.

You, and all visitors to our community, can help by signing the petition.  

Signing will send an email, in your name, to Cork County Council, Cobh Tourism, Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce and to local media in support of this effort.

Save Cobh's Right of Way

I wish to draw your attention, as Mayor of County Cork, to the following:

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I look forward to hearing your assurance that this matter will be resolved soon.

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The campaign already has over 7,000 signitures on paper, mostly from the Cobh area, we hope this online petition will broaden the reach and alert other communities to what is happening.

Public representatives, officials and state companies have a duty to act in the public interest, let’s ask them to do so?